Eyelash Extensions & Beauty Services

Beauty Services

Eyelash Extension

Volume Full Set $200

Volume Outside Business $190

Hybrid Full Set $190

Hybrid Outside Business $180

Classic Full Set $180

Classic Outside Business $170

Lash Fill

Volume Fill  $110

2 Week Volume $70

Volume Touch Up $60

Hybrid Fill $105

2 Week Hybrid $65

Hybrid Touch  Up $55

Classic Fill $100

2 Week Classic $60

Classic Touch Up $50

Removal $50

HD Lash Service/Wax

HD Lash $95

HD & Color $105

HD Lash, Lash/Brow Color $115

Lash Color $15

Brow Color $15

Brow Shaping/Wax $25

Sideburn Wax $15

Upper Lip Wax $15

Chin Wax $10


Meet the Owner



Alivia is a licensed esthetician who has been in the beauty business for 10+ years. LOCS&LASHES first opened in Encino, CA and is now opening a second location in Santa Clarita Valley.  Alivia loves what she does and is very passionate about making sure everyone feels comfortable and leaves the office happy with their results. 

They are not only her clients but soon become friends. She makes it a point to make every one of her clients feel and look beautiful.



Most lashes will last anywhere from 3-4 weeks if properly taken care of. 

Longevity tips for lashes: Use an oil free cleanser or a baby shampoo to cleanse your lashes daily. This prevents dead skin, reduces risk of eye infection, and prevents oil and makeup residue from building up. Brush your lashes after washing is a must. It prevents the lashes from clumping together and allows you to shape lashes while being damp.

Do The Lashes Come In Different Sizes, Styles & colors?

LOCS&LASHES uses top of the line products, the best synthetic MINK & SILK lashes. 

There are many different shapes and colors of lashes available; some of the most common looks are the natural, cat eye and dramatic look every girl loves.

Can I Still Wear Makeup?

Who could live without makeup? Don’t worry you can still wear eyeshadow. We don’t recommend using mascara, smudge pencil liner or gel liner. If anything use your eyeshadow as an eye liner. 

Lashes will last longer and will be easier to maintain.


Depending on the look you are going for the appointment can take  about an 1.5 up to 3.5 hours .  

Time is Beauty!

Will My Own Lashes Be Damaged By The Extensions?

NO! As you long as you are following the daily cleaning regiment  your lashes will last to their fullest potential.  

 Your lashes shed as part of a natural lash growth cycle. Don't be alarmed as the extensions will shed along with your natural lashes.

training available


You are on your way to becoming a professional eyelash extension specialist. This is very exciting! The eyelash extension business is not only about beauty but also a great source of income with many opportunities. 

This business is booming right now! It's become more popular with everyday women just like you and me. 


One day class starting at 8am to 5pm, 8 full hours of training with a 1 hour lunch break. 

Lash Knowledge and Application, Lash Kit Included. You will have to provide your own model.

pricing information

$1,200 tuition per class, $500 non-refundable deposit required at sign up. Remaining balance due on day of class prior to start. 

Cash & Card only, no checks or refunds available. Signature required consenting to all terms and conditions listed above.

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Fill out form if you would like additional information regarding training. *Training Inquiries Only

Offices CONVENIENTLY located in encino & Santa Clarita